Our Development Team

Successful Engineering Teams require the right Talent

Get our professional designers, developers, engineers, Buinsess Analyst and project management experts to work on your latest idea..

Our team are talented in every single innovation for the highest level of adaptability. To match with your prerequisites, we choose a dedicated team of experts to focus on your requirements..

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Our Service Roadmap

Zealfox technologies is established to Leading industries and individual towards new age technology solutions

Web/Mobile Apps

We develops a single app that will perform across both iOS and Android platforms..

Custom Software

We can give you a software solution tailored towards your business needs..

Engineering Builds

To deliver the performance, energy efficiency and reliability for customers demand...

I.T Consultation

Get an expert information on the right technology service management system for your kind of business for better customer feedback

IOT Solutions

Automate your business operation process to improve decision making.

Cyber Security

We provide services for on-site and remote response to threats and incident investigation, minimizing the incident’s impact on your organization.


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